Online Sale
Old & Rare Books

In addition to periodic auction sales, we also engage in consignment of old and rare books and manuscripts. If you have an item that you think falls into this category and that you would like to sell, you might consider offering us to do it on your behalf. The information you provide – and we encourage you to be as thorough as possible in this regard – will help us get a general idea as to whether your item meets our criteria and is eligible for consignment (or it is not). In either case, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that the speed of our response will depend on the number of requests we process at that moment.

If we notify you that we accept your offer, you will receive additional information pertaining to our further dealings as a consignor and a consignee. Nevertheless, the fact that your item has been accepted by us is not in itself a guarantee that it will be sold; although our clientele has a refined taste for old and rare books and is usually unconcerned about their prices, sometimes some things just won’t sell.