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Security Policy

Good internet security plays an important role in creating trust among the parties interacting over the web. As conscientious website owners, we know that we need to pay great attention to creating a safe online environment for all our visitors. When devising our security policy, we try to adhere to the best and most accepted practices in this field. For this reason, we make sure that 1) our website is hosted on a secure web server that uses firewall technology for protection and access control, 2) we use proven encryption methods to protect all the information we store, including your personal information, 3) we make backups of all important files on a regular basis in order to enable their successful recovery in case that something goes wrong. All these measures are supposed to ensure uninterrupted functioning of our website and satisfactory user experience.

Despite everything mentioned above, we cannot offer 100 percent assurance that our website will be free of viruses, bugs, worms and other malicious code at all times. For your part, you as an internet user should be aware of the risks accompanying web surfing and take measures to protect your operating system. Above all, you shoud install proper security software on your machine, preferably one that includes anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Aside from protection, the added benefit of such software is that it ensures optimal performance of your system. Bear in mind to update it regularly because the latest version always offers the best protection.

When we ask users to create an account, we need to show them that we can be trusted in terms of our personal and business identity. For this reason we have obtained an SSL Certificate, which includes our business information. SSL is a security protocol for data encryption. When a website has an SSL Certificate, this is shown either by its address beginning with “https” instead of “http,” or by a small padlock icon in the browser bar, or by the browser bar turning green. The users of such website are confident they are visiting a website the identity of which has been verified and one that has secure data connection. SSL Certificate is installed on a web server and the user’s browser checks its validity when connecting to the website. This is usually done in an instant and it does not affect the performance of the website.

Your password that enables you to access our services should be as strong as possible. Avoid using common words and phrases; instead, try to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters while still preserving the meaning of the password phrase so that you don’t forget it. Don’t send your password via email and don’t share it with anyone. Beware of phishing attacks and report them to us so that we can convey a warning to other users.

The safety of our website is of great importance to us and we will take every action permitted by law to ensure it or restore it if it gets compromised. Let us say in the end that we believe that there are two sides to all successful endeavors. We will make every effort to be a responsible host of this website, and we hope that you will also make an effort to be its responsible user.